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Package holiday 'is still around'

The traditional package holiday is still going strong despite an increase in long-haul travel, it has been reported.

According to Claire Lilley, head of research for Holiday Which?, while some holidaymakers do travel further afield, green issues are making Britons think more about their choice of holiday destination.

She added that Spanish holidays are cheaper than long-haul holidays, noting that such holidays will be perennially popular.

"There were 19 million package holidays taken last year.

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Spanish holidays "will always be popular"

Spanish beach holidays are unlikely to diminish in popularity, despite an increase in holidaymakers looking for "adventurous" travel, it has been asserted.

According to Holiday Which? traditional beach holidays are likely to remain "really popular" among families.

Claire Lilley, head of research for the magazine, added that these type of holidays were a hit with families who do not want hassle.

Take The Family recently reported that family holidays in Spain were popular because of great beaches and a child-friendly culture.

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Holidaying Brits advised to "read the small print"

Britons taking Spanish holidays have been told to read the fine print when they book flights in order to avoid paying for extra services which they do not require.

According to Holiday Which?, holidaymakers should decide what they want before booking a holiday to ensure that they do not get confused and end up booking something that they do not want.

Holiday Which? is a quarterly published magazine which aims to provide holidaymakers with comprehensive "unbiased" holiday advice.

"Be clear about what you want at the start of your booking.

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Spain 'looks to protect coasts'

Golden beaches are a quintessential part of the Spanish holiday and as such, it is imperative that the country's coastline is well protected.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Spain's environment minister is tackling illegal construction on Spanish shorelines to ensure that the erosion on the region's coastline is not precipitated.

However, it is noted that this must be done in a way that ultimately benefits tourism.

"If we want [the coast] to last, we have to change our paradigm," Jose Fernandez Perez, director of coastal areas at the country's environment ministry commented.

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Airlines making "positive" progress in terms of disabled travel

Spanish holidays will become more accessible to a wider range of passengers, it is hoped, after it was noted that the air travel situation in relation to disabled travellers is "quite positive".

According to Tourism for All, most airports have done a lot in recent times to make their services more accessible to all travellers.

Recent European commission legislation airports will be required to assist disabled and reduced mobility passengers to and from their aircraft seat and airport arrival or departure point from July 26th 2008.

"It's a developing area and one where, hopefully, in the not too distant future, it will be more accessible than it is at the moment," commented Brian Seaman, spokesperson for Tourism for All.

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Celeb chef to cook up a storm with BA

Holidaymakers taking flights to Murcia and other destinations may soon discover that their in-flight meals have a touch more panache to them than usual.

A new celebrity chef has been appointed to the position of senior executive chef at Gate Gourmet, by British Airways.

Steven Walpole has appeared on television channels BBC UK Food and Discovery Health and has also assisted on the BBC programme Saturday Kitchen.

"We are pleased to have attracted a talent such as Steven to join our already excellent team.

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Holidaymakers told: you can't put a price on a passport

Travellers hoping to book flights to Spain have been advised to take good care of their passports when taking Spanish holidays.

According to Essential Travel, the cost in real terms of having a passport stolen is more than the administration charge to have it replaced.

The insurance provider notes that there is a "rampant" black market for altered passports in a number of countries which could cause problems for holidaymakers.

"As well as exercising duty of care, travellers can buy a travel insurance policy to cover loss or theft of their passport, reducing or covering any additional costs they may experience through this situation," commented Essential Travel's Stuart Bensusan.

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Spanish islands mentioned in "best of" list

The Spanish holiday islands of La Palma and Majorca have been listed by one publication for their unique appeal to travellers.

According to the Telegraph, Majorca is "lovely" and the northwest of the island in particular is "beautiful" thanks to numerous orchards, "good restaurants" and old fashioned charm.

Meanwhile, La Palma is mentioned as the best "alternative Canary Island" and is described by the newspaper as a "forest-covered, mountainous island".

It is noted that the Caldera de Taburiente volcanic crater and national park region is "superb" for hiking.

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Brits save up to go travelling

Under a fifth of UK students are saving up to go on a year-out holiday, it has been reported.

According to Abbey, 19 per cent of British students are squirreling away their spends in order to take flights to Murcia and other locations following their graduation from university.

And although the bank also notes that twice as many students are putting aside funds for a deposit on homes, according to, money worries are not putting keen travellers off Spanish holidays and trips elsewhere.

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New airbase means more flights to Spain

Ryanair's announcement that it is to open its 25th European airbase in Birmingham means good news for those looking to take flights to Spain.

Out of the 20 new itineraries which will be launched from the regional airport, two will be routes to Spain.

Moreover, five million holidaymakers and other passengers are expected to travel through the airport on flights to Spain each year.

"Direct international routes are fundamental to the economic development of a city like Birmingham and the people of the West Midlands can now look forward to Europe's guaranteed lowest fares and best punctuality on 22 international routes with Ryanair," commented Ryanair's Michael O'Leary.

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