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Travel insurance 'is all different'

Brits looking to take Spanish holidays should not only remember to take out insurance, but also be aware that one size does not necessarily fit all.

According to STA Travel, insurance deals vary depending on the type of holiday that Brits are taking.

A spokesperson noted that each travel insurance policy is different and offers consumers different levels of cover and inclusions.

"It is important for a customer to assess their needs when it comes to travel insurance, for instance assessing the overall value of the items they are travelling with," she continued.

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Tennis star 'regained passion' in Spain

Tennis ace Maria Sharapova rediscovered her drive at the final tennis championships of 2008 in Madrid last November, it has been reported.

According to the Herald Sun, prior to this major tennis tournament, the Russian women's professional tennis player has been considering taking an extended break, according to the Herald Sun.

"I didn't really expect too much from myself that week (in Madrid) and I really played great tennis," the former world number one told the publication.

The comment comes after Sharapova beat opponent Jelena Jankovic in the Australian Open earlier this week.

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New flights to Spain launched

Holidaymakers wishing to take flights to Spain and from the Spanish mainland to the Canary Islands will have more options after Spanair reaffirmed its commitment to the Canary Islands.

In what is a 17.4 per cent increase on passenger seats available in 2007, the airline is making nearly 3.5 million seats available to travellers who wish to journey between the two Spanish holiday destinations in 2008, Easier reports.

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Cutting edge cuisine in Spanish food show

Michelin-star winning Spanish chef Ferran Adria presented a high-tech cookery show at the Madrid Fusion 2008 earlier this week, it has been reported.

The chef, who earned his three Michelin stars for his El Bulli restaurant near Barcelona, was performing as a guest speaker at the annual international culinary conference, according to the AFP.

The news provider reports that the Spanish chef offered "a dozen" new ideas to an audience of chefs and international food specialists.

"Everytime you see him, it's like getting smacked in the face.

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Benidorm in tourism incentive

The popular Spanish holiday destination of Benidorm is set to target new travellers, it has been reported.

According to Typically Spanish, Benidorm tourism officials are planning on promoting the region as a top spot for holidaymakers at the Madrid international tourism fair later this month.

The fair begins on January 30th 2008 and lasts until February 3rd.

Typically Spanish reveals that officials have invested € 400,000 (£299,000) on a 270 square-metre stand which will distribute thousands of T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "I Love Benidorm".

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Spanish airport reports "record high"

Holidaymakers were busy in 2007 taking flights to Alicante it would appear, according to new figures.

Costa Blanca news reports that El Altet Airport in Alicante saw a total of 9.12 million travellers passing through its terminals in 2007.

The news provider claims this makes the hub the sixth most important airport in the entire of Spain.

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Third of Brits take Spanish holidays

A third of all Britons holidaying abroad in 2006 took flights to Spain, it has been revealed.

Newly re-released official government figures in the Travel Trends publication show that more than one third of visits abroad were made by UK residents to Spain and France in 2006.

Also, the study showed that 14.4 million Britons took flights to Spain for Spanish beach holidays during this period.

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Older Britons 'head for Spain'

Older Britons are looking to enjoy Spanish holidays - in a caravan - it has been revealed.

According to the Caravan Club, people enjoy caravanning because of the sense of community and freedom that it affords them.

Nikki Nichol, head of PR for the Caravan Club added that while there is a "misconception" that caravanning is suited to older travellers, retired people often choose to spend four months of the year in Spain.

However she added: "There are people from all walks of life and all age groups.

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Civil War memorial tree planted in Alicante

An almond tree has been planted in a region of Alicante in memory of prisoners of the country's Civil War, it has been reported.

Typically Spanish reveals that 300 people attended a memorial ceremony in La Goteta at the weekend to witness the planting of the tree.

A former prisoner of the Campo de Los Almendros, 94-year-old Angel Rubio Nieto attended the ceremony and was quoted by the publication as saying that the prison "must be remembered so that it never happens again".

The Spanish Civil War was a major conflict which began after an attempted coup by parts of the army against the Second Spanish Republic government.

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Marina de Cop is Murcia's "biggest single tourism project"

Murcia's "biggest single tourism project" is the Marina de Cop, it has been asserted.

According to Round Town News, information about the future pleasure beach is scarce, however it looks likely to be a major tourist attraction in the coming years.

Tourists take flights to Murcia in order to enjoy Spanish villa holidays on the popular coastline and at nearby La Manga Club which lies on the Menor Sea.

Currently, other tourist attractions in Murcia include the Cathedral de Santa Maria which was completed during the 15th century and is generally held to be the "most impressive" monument of Murcia.

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