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Brits opt for "complete lifestyle change" in Spain

British expatriates who move to Spain in their retirement take the flights to Spain for a "complete lifestyle change", it has been claimed.

The comment from a NatWest spokesperson comes after Spain was listed in a top quality of life study by the company on account of its weather and other services.

Dave Isley, Head of NatWest International Personal Banking, added that while many Britons travel overseas on account of the bad British weather, a significant proportion relocate in the hope of experiencing a better lifestyle.

He noted that they also do so in an effort to broaden their horizons.

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Brits take flights to Alicante from Doncaster

An increasing number of British holidaymakers took flights to Alicante from a regional UK airport in January 2008, it has been reported.

According to Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport, passenger numbers rose by more than five per cent in the first month of 2008 compared to the figures for the corresponding period in 2007.

And the number one destination for travellers using the Doncaster airport was Spain with the majority of passengers taking flights to Alicante for Spanish holidays.

"We're happy to report the growth in passenger throughput year on year, which demonstrates the continued impact Robin Hood Airport has on the region," commented Peel Airport's Group airport director, Hugh Lang.

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Lots to expect in Spain in 2008

Travellers taking flights to Murcia for Spanish holidays in 2008 will not find themselves short of engaging activities and exciting things to do.

According to the Seattle Times, Barcelona boasts the "curvy" Palau Guell which tourists will find to be one of the "finest" interiors designed by famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi.

Those enjoying Spanish holidays in Madrid can visit the Prado Museum while Toledo's Alcazar fortress is also worth a view, according to the publication.

"[The fortress] which evokes so much Civil War history emotion among Spaniards will hold Spain's National Military Museum reopens, hopefully in 2008," it notes.

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Spanish wine makes the grade in airline wine awards

A variety of Spanish wine has been recognised in the Business Traveller Cellars Sky Awards 2007.

Wine lovers who enjoy Spanish holidays and take regular flights to Alicante and Murcia may already be familiar La Plaza Vieja, Medium Golden wine from Spanish maker Emilio Lustau.

The wine won first place with American Airlines in the category of Best Fortified or Sweet wine.

Meanwhile, KLM airlines was placed fifth in the category of Best White Wine for its offering of Spanish wine Ermita Veracruz Verdejo, 2006, by Ruedo.

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"Simple" things can reduce carbon footprint on Spanish holidays

Britons taking Spanish holidays can help to reduce their carbon footprint by employing the smallest of actions, it has been asserted.

According to The Travel Foundation, remembering to do simple things can help to keep environmental impact through tourism to a bare minimum.

The Travel Foundation is an independent UK charity whose cited aim is to help tourism make a positive contribution to places that holidaymakers enjoy to visit.

"Remember to switch off your heating or air conditioning when you go out for the day rather than leaving it all running," David Weston, spokesperson for The Travel Foundation, said.

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Brits 'anxious about missing flights'

UK holidaymakers are anxious about missing their flights to Murcia and other destinations, one commentator has suggested.

According to TravelWeekly, while around half of all travellers exhibit some kind of pre-flight anxiety, 37 per cent of holidaymakers are most concerned about arriving late or missing flights.

It claims that a study by Holiday Extras reveals that four in ten UK holidaymakers have obsessive compulsive tics in relation to their travel documents - checking them up to four times before travelling to the airport.

"Overseas holidays may be fun, but clearly getting there is a nightmare for most of us .

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Family holidays in Spain for new Asterix film

Britons looking to take last minute holidays to Spain should book their flights to Alicante, where the new Asterix film is premiering next week.

The film, which cost €78 million to shoot is entitled Asterix at the Olympic Games and is released at a time when Spain's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games is under discussion at the Madrid-based International Tourism Trade Fair.

The premiere takes place on Tuesday at the Teatro Principal in Alicante and would be an impressive treat for those enjoying a family holiday in Spain.

It is claimed that the new Asterix film is the most expensive European film ever to have been made.

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Holidaying Brits 'not securing valuables'

British holidaymakers should take more care of their pricier possessions while enjoying Spanish holidays, it has been suggested.

According to Nationwide, one in three Brits surveyed do not take out travel insurance each time they go on holiday.

Moreover, many travellers opted to store their valuables in less secure places than their safety deposit box, such as on themselves and in various places in their hotel room.

"It is astounding that people are prepared to take such a gamble when travelling abroad.

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Travellers 'look for warm welcome'

Same-sex couples taking holidays overseas are attracted to destinations in which they feel their business is welcomed, it has been reported.

According to Aspire+, gay couples, who may enjoy taking Spanish holidays, want to feel "specifically" welcomed by hotels and tour operators without feeling pigeonholed or stereotyped.

The news comes as a study by the company revealed that the stereotypical holiday based around all-night clubbing is not accurate, with "most" gay men preferring to travel independently or in the company of like-minded groups.

"I think that the research is quite heartening in many ways.

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Brits 'to continue visiting Spain in 2008'

British holidaymakers will continue taking flights to Spain in similar numbers to those seen last year in 2008, it has been reported.

According to Typically Spanish, tourism forecasters based in Andalucia on the coast of Spain have anticipated that a comparable quantity of travellers taking Spanish holidays in 2008 will be of British, German and Belgian nationalities.

However, tourist experts are expecting to see an increase in numbers of those taking flights to Spain from eastern European countries and Holland, the publication claims.

"Holland is an interesting case with a € 45 per person carbon footprint surcharge being added to all long-distance flights from the country this year," Typically Spanish reports.

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