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Summer holidays in Spain for cricket ace

England cricketer Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has been spotted enjoying a break with his family in a luxury holiday resort in Spain.

The England bowler was pictured by the Daily Mail paddling in the sea off southern Spain with his children.

Flintoff, his 30-year-old wife Rachael and their three children - four-month-old Rocky, three-year-old Holly and two-year-old Corey - look happy and relaxed in the pictures as they enjoyed their holidays in Spain.

Comparisons were drawn between Flintoff's model wife, as she carried baby Rocky, and actress Angelina Jolie, mother to a brood of adopted and biological children.

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La Manga del Mar Menor guest in goat charge

A man enjoying a holiday in Spain at La Manga del Mar Menor with his wife and children will be staying close to the luxury Spanish holiday villas after an unusual incident with a goat at as Murcia zoo.

The Sun reports that Lee Levett and his family came face to face with an angry goat at the Terra Natura zoo in Murcia.

Mr Levett, 45, claimed he was walking through the zoo with his wife and children when the goat, which had a "shaggy coat" and "curly horns" charged at him.

Terra Natura in Murcia operated a new-generation "Zooimmersion" experience where visitors can come into contact with animals "as if there were no barriers between you".

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Europe is "favoured" holiday destination

European resorts such as La Manga are still the destination of choice for British holidaymakers, a new poll has revealed.

Despite recording an increased interest in long-haul destinations, Cater Allen Private Bank's survey found that more than a quarter (26 per cent) of Brits would sooner go holidaying to La Manga Club and other hotspots on the continent than anywhere else.

It would also appear that golf holidays in Spain and tennis holidays in La Manga Club could continue to be popular, as one in ten respondents said that they prefer to take activity holidays.

The results follow another survey by Cater Allen which revealed that 43 per cent of Brits believe they need a holiday to give themselves a break from the daily toil.

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Granddad from UK 'to make matador comeback in Spain'

A man from Salford will be boarding a flight to Spain this weekend for more than your average holiday in Spain as he comes out of retirement and steps back in to the bull ring.

The Telegraph reports that Frank Evans, a 65 year old granddad, retired from his career as a matador three years ago due to ill health but following a quadruple heart bypass and knee surgery he is once more raring to go.

When Mr Evans retired, his fellow matadors cut his ponytail off and carried him on their shoulders from the Costa del Sol Benalmadena bullring in a mark of respect.

"I now feel better than ever and I want to be a bullfighter again.

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Holiday resorts in Spain to get nudist beaches?

While many Britons take flights to Spain in the hopes of returning with bronzed suntans, few treasure the tan lines that come as part of the package as a result of wearing swimming costumes.

As such, many may be in favour of recent demonstrations throughout Spain during Dia Sin Banador, also known as day without the bathing costume.

Typically Spanish reports that the event, organised by the 14 associations of the Spanish Nudist Federation, stripped off at the weekend in a bid to end the segregation between nudist and non-nudist beaches.

The publication notes that the day had particular successful in Asturias and Cataluna.

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Hot temperatures reported across Spain as winds predicted for UK

Britons who were hoping for a hot and sunny August may soon be looking at renting an apartment in Spain after the Met Office described the month as "awful".

The UK's national weather service has predicted gale force winds for the coasts of the English Channel with rain anticipated in many regions of the country.

"Unfortunately, the poor summer weather shows no sign of letting up over the next few days," Met Office chief forecaster Richard Young said.

Rain and showers are also forecast over other parts of the country over the coming days, with eastern areas of Northern Ireland likely to see "the wettest conditions".

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Thursdays for family golf at La Manga Club

This August, visitors to La Manga Club, a luxury holiday resort in Spain, can enjoy family orientated sports every Thursday afternoon.

From 17:45 local time each Thursday throughout the month of August, a parents and children golf tournament will be held at La Manga Club.

This brand new Stableford tournament will focus entirely on families and will include nine holes.

Parents and children can compete as a family for prizes which will include plaques for the winners.

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Cheeky duo visit luxury holiday resort in Spain

Romanian twin sisters Gabriela and Monica Irimia, better known as reality TV stars the Cheeky Girls, have been pictured catching the rays in a luxury holiday resort in Spain.

The Cheeky Girls were photographed by the Daily Mail in colourful bikinis in Marbella, a popular luxury holiday resort in Spain.

Monica sported a vibrant orange two piece while Gabriela wore an attractive yellow and black number.

According to the publication, Gabriela and Monica spent their time sunbathing and playing beach bat in the sunshine.

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Keep the kids entertained - Car Hire Murcia tips

Simple car games can turn a journey from hell with moaning kids into a fun activity for the family, according to

The Name Game involves picking a town and then choosing another beginning with its last letter, while in the Guessing Game, one person thinks of a favourite person and everybody else asks questions to be answered with a yes or a no.

Who's Next Door? is a fun and imaginative activity where youngsters make up stories about the people in the car next to them, while Spot the Car competition requires them to count a given number of a particular brand or vehicle colour.

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Motor insurance tips for holiday drivers

Over a third of motorists (39 per cent) are unaware that their car insurance may be downgraded automatically when they drive in Europe.

Research by found that there is a lack of knowledge among holidaymakers about what they are covered for when renting a car in Murcia or other popular destinations.

Peter Gerrard, head of insurance research at the price comparison site, said the news that many insurers automatically downgrade cover from fully comprehensive to third party may "come as a shock" to some Brits abroad.

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