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Brits take their troubles on to holiday fairways

Renting an apartment in Spain is a great way to get away from it all, but many Brits could still find it difficult to leave their worries at home.

That is the finding of American Express Travellers Cheques, which recently polled the public and found that 36 per cent of younger travellers are afraid of returning to a burgled home.

Even the relaxing prospect of a few days' worth of golf was not enough to stop some people thinking about the mortgage and feeding the family, with 35 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds admitting they worry about such matters on holiday.

"A holiday should be a time for rest and relaxation," said Sarah Harrison, director at American Express Travellers Cheques.

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Increase in holidaymakers visiting Marbella

The number people enjoying holidays in Spain is on the increase, it has been revealed.

According to fugues from the Andalucian local government, the number of people holidaying in Marbella has increased by 8.1 per cent in the last year.

More than 900,000 tourists stayed in hotels in the resort between January and June 2008, indicating that despite the economic doom and gloom, holidays in Spain are as popular as ever.

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'Top tips' for family holidays in Spain

Travelling with children is never easy; however, parents can make their holidays in Spain as relaxing as possible by following a series of 'top tips' compiled by the Rough Guide group.

According to the Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children, parents can improve their holiday experience by packing clothing that is light and easy to wash and by ensuring that bulky items such as dolls and teddy bears are left at home.

The guide also recommends that parents opt for the best accommodation they can afford, as families tend to spend a lot of their holiday time "at base" relaxing around the pool and engaging in sporting activities.

Families are also advised to plan their days carefully and ensure that any 'must-see' attractions are visited early in the holiday.

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Older holidaymakers are 'becoming more adventurous'

The older generation of British holidaymakers are becoming increasingly adventurous, it has been suggested.

According to the Association of Independent Tour Operators (Aito), older holidaymakers are opting for active breaks and travelling to destinations such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain, as well as countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Aito chairman Derek Moore commented: "The older generation are travelling more. Their kids have grown up and are much more self-sufficient these days so they are able to have a look at a bit more disposable income.

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Travel insurance is 'vital'

Taking out a travel insurance policy before going abroad is "vital", it has been claimed.

John Boyles, account manager at Endsleigh Insurance, said holidaymakers would be foolish to try and save money by cutting back on insurance.

"It's vital. If you travel abroad without insurance than in my opinion you must be crazy.

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Traditional family holidays 'revived' by credit crunch

Traditional family holidays in Spain and other popular destinations have been "revived" by the recent credit crunch, according to a new study.

Research carried out by Abbey revealed that the current economic climate has encouraged people to take holidays with their parents and extended family members in order to save money.

Some of the benefits of holidaying with a large group include cheaper accommodation costs and the availability of free childcare.

According to Abbey, almost half of people in their late 20s now holiday with their parents or grandparents.

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Travelling without insurance 'is crazy'

Taking a holiday without travel insurance is "crazy", one organisation has claimed.

John Boyles, account manager at Endsleigh Insurance, warned that those taking holidays in Spain and other destinations could be putting themselves at risk by travelling without insurance.

Mr Boyles' comments come after a recent study by American Express found that one in four people plan to travel without insurance.

"It's vital.

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Holidaymakers told to 'save money and book early'

British consumers have been told to save money by booking their 2009 holidays in Spain early.

The Telegraph reported last week that those who plan their holidays early often get the best deals and added extras such as free child places and car hire.

With several tour operators reducing capacity for next year, due to the high cost of fuel, those booking in advance will also have a wider choice of packages.

Booking flights to Spain in advance is also cheaper and signing up to newsletters and email alerts can be beneficial when it comes to finding out about the best deals.

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Travellers 'not deterred' by credit crunch

The number of people choosing to enjoy holidays in Spain and other popular destinations has not been impacted by the credit crunch, according to one travel expert.

Lonely Planet author David Else said that people were downgrading their holidays, as opposed to cancelling them altogether.

"Instead of a three-week holiday to Tuscany, it might be two weeks. Instead of three-star they'll go self-catering.

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Britons enjoy winter holidays in Spain

Southern Spain is one of the most popular winter sun destinations for British holidaymakers, a new study has found.

Research carried out by Abbey revealed that 15 million Britons are planning to travel abroad over the coming months, with 41 per cent of people planning to visit the southern Spain and the Canary Islands.

Furthermore, the British summer has been so disappointing that more than one million people have been tempted into taking their first holiday in three years.

Calum Gibson, head of Abbey credit cards, commented: "Clearly many Britons are in need of escaping our gloomy weather and heading overseas.

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