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'Get in shape' at La Manga

While many people want to chill out on their holidays, others will be keen to keep fit and make sure their bodies are in good shape.

La Manga resorts have a wide selection of sporting and leisure activities to keep guests occupied during their break.

From swimming to jogging and from tennis to pitch and putt, there is something for all athletic abilities and appetites.

Such is the pedigree of the area's training facilities that sports professionals, from footballers to tennis players, are frequent visitors.

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Britons are 'not concerned' by exchange rates

Over half of British holidaymakers say they are not concerned by fluctuations in exchange rates and would not let an unfavourable rate deter them from travelling within the eurozone.

In a recent poll carried out by online travel community TripAdvisor, 69 per cent of those surveyed said they would continue to travel within Europe regardless of currency fluctuations.

Furthermore, 26 per cent of Britons are planning to take an activity holiday over the next 12 months, with five per cent even hoping to engage in some extreme sports.

Holidaymakers looking to enjoy the beach, while at the same time engage in some activities this winter, should look no further than La Manga Club in Spain.

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Holidaymakers admit to 'over-packing'

More than half of holidaymakers pack too many clothes when travelling abroad, it has been revealed.

Research carried out by Holiday Extras found that 58 per cent of those taking holidays in Spain and other destinations pack 'everything but the kitchen sink'.

Just three per cent of people said they under-pack, while 39 per cent of people claim they are always adequately prepared.

Commenting on the findings, Matthew Pack, web and marketing director at Holiday Extras, said: "I believe there is a fine line between packing too much and packing too little.

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'Lazy beach holidays' top British wish list

Lounging around on the beach, with a glass of sangria and a good book, is the ideal way to spend a holiday, according to a majority of Britons.

A survey by Holiday Extras has revealed that almost 60 per cent of Britons prefer beach holidays over any other type.

Mike Whiting, the company's managing editor, said that with the miserable UK weather to deal with, it was little wonder that people enjoyed beach holidays.

"Plus, as people's working lives seem to continually encroach on their personal time, the desire to get away and do nothing at all is more appealing than a holiday featuring a hectic schedule," he furthered.

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Murcia is 'half-term hotspot'

Murcia looks set to be a popular destination over the half-term holidays – if recent figures released by Skyscanner are anything to go by.

The flight search engine ranked Murcia as one of its top ten most searched for destinations, beating the likes of France, Italy and Greece.

Situated in the south of Spain and with a mild climate all year round, it is little wonder that holidaymakers are clamouring to book flights to Spain.

Not only is Murcia home to some of Spain's finest beaches, the area is also home to numerous cultural attractions, including the stunning Cathedral de Santa Maria.

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Holidaymakers fear the 'Facebook factor'

In days gone by Britons would go on holiday, let down their hair and make friends – safe in the knowledge that once the sun had set on their break they were unlikely to ever meet again.

However, times have changed, and for many people, the prospect of their holiday romances looking them up on social networking sites is enough to strike fear into their hearts.

A recent survey carried out by found that 48 per cent of Britons now "think twice" about dishing their details out when on holiday.

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Activity holidays 'prove popular'

British holidaymakers will be reaching for their golf clubs and tennis racquets this year, a new poll has suggested.

Research carried out by online travel community TripAdvisor suggested that British travellers are eager to engage more in activities when on holiday.

Of those surveyed, 26 per cent said they would like to take an activity holiday over the coming year, while five per cent said they were eager to try their hand at some extreme sports.

However, it seems that skiing holidays are not quite so popular, with just ten per cent of Britons planning to hit the slopes this year.

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Britons plan to 'travel more'

British holidaymakers plan to spend even more on travel over the coming year, despite the current economic crisis, it has been revealed.

In a recent survey carried out by online travel site TripAdvisor, more than half of Britons said they planned to increase their holiday spending over the coming year.

Furthermore, of those surveyed, 69 per cent claimed that unfavourable exchange rates would not deter them from taking holidays in Spain and other eurozone destinations.

The poll revealed that a third of Britons plan to take three or more holidays over the coming year, while 23 per cent aim to become "more environmentally conscious".

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Holidaymakers 'choose travel agents'

An increasing number of holidaymakers are choosing to book their flights to Spain and other destinations through travel agents, rather than book independently, it has been suggested.

Ian Bradley, a spokesman for the Association of Independent Tour Operators, claimed that holidaymakers were beginning to see the benefits of booking their flights and accommodation through trusted travel agents.

"People are saying: 'I don't have the time to surf the net all day long, looking at what all the deals and offers are like, but what I will do is pop into the travel agents and get everything sorted out for me'," he explained.

Furthermore, Mr Bradley added that consumers enjoy the level of financial protection offered by travel agents, which, after the recent collapse of XL Airways, is little wonder.

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Malaga Airport receives €14m funding

Britons taking flights to Spain over the coming year may be pleasantly surprised by Malaga Airport's new terminal building.

According to Euro Weekly News, AENA – the Spanish airport and navigation body – has given the go-ahead for €14 million to be spent on fixtures and fittings for the newly-built terminal.

Work will be carried out on the terminal over the next 12 months, with plans to install a VIP room, medical centre and gardens.

The new terminal building covers an area of 271,000-square-metres and will feature more than 86 check-in desks.

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