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El Bistro for breakfast, lunch or dinner

No matter whether you have plumped for 5 star luxury at Hotel Principe Felipe or a self-catering option, El Bistro at La Manga Club is a fun place to hang out, no matter the time of day, open from 9.30am until late 7 days a week in high season (low season times may vary), El Bistro is situated in the Plaza Mayor in Bellaluz village at La Manga Club. With great indoor and outdoor spaces, it is easy to see why this Spanish bistro, with an international twist is so popular.

If you are staying in the hotel on a bed and breakfast basis, you may even be tempted away one of the days to enjoy a full English or a continental breakfast at El Bistro, simply to soak up the atmosphere.

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Types of Car Hire in La Manga

If you are planning on hiring a vehicle for your holiday to La Manga, then you are in luck,by using our comparison search engine, you can find the best car hire deals for your time of travel from just filling in some details. Our search engine will check over more than 500 different vehicle rental companies to guarantee you the best deal at the current time. A very popular company at the minute, Auto Europe, has some very good prices on car hire currently as well as offering to beat any offer that you find that beats their price.

When you are travelling to La Manga Spain you will most likely to be flying into either Alicante Airport or Murcia Airport.

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Airport Transfers to La Manga

When you travel to La Manga Club, you may not want the hassle of arranging car hire, if hiring a car does not sound appealing and seems like far too much hard work, then why not sit back and let somebody else worry about driving. When you arrive at Murcia or Alicante Airport, let a taxi airport transfer take all of the effort and worries away.

Some people might find using maps or Satellite navigation in a country that they are not used quite daunting and if driving on the other side of the road is not what you want to contend with, whilst being on holiday, then we would advise you to either pick up a taxi from the airport, or let our comprehensive search engine find the best deals for you for an airport transfer. Just enter a few details and you will be able to arrange a taxi transfer to be there waiting for you at Murcia airport when you arrive.

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Best car hire for La Manga Club

If you have already booked your accommodation at La Manga Club and are now at the stage of sorting out your transport, door to door, you probably have car hire on your mind. Assuming you are flying from the UK to either Alicante or Murcia (San Javier) Airports, you are truly going to be spoilt for choice. Although La Manga Club is only a relatively short and inexpensive taxi ride from either of these airports, there is no getting away from the freedom that car hire offers you during your holiday. Arguably La Manga is the sort of place where you could easily survive without a car, bearing in mind the low cost of car hire, it would seem a real shame to miss out on visiting the surrounding area for the sake of the small cost of hiring a car.

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La Manga Club Academies

La Manga Club is an undisputed haven for people who enjoy sport, no matter their age and no matter their sporting acumen, offering a host of academies as well as individual sporting opportunities, it is easy to see why more and more people flock to La Manga to get some warm Spanish sunshine at the same time as stretching their muscles and honing their game. In terms of the range of academies on offer, theres: The Golf Academy; The Junior Golf Academy; The Tennis Academy; The Junior Tennis Academy; The Tennis Pro Academy; The Junior Football Academy; The Michael Owen Junior Rugby Academy; The Adventure Athletics Academy for Kids; The Junior Dance Academy and The Lee Westwood Junior Golf Academy. Theres no getting away from it, by anyones standards, this is a pretty impressive list of sporting academies.

Starting with The La Manga Club Golf Academies, they come in Junior and Adult versions, both of which are focused on top quality tuition to improve your skills.

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Joanna Hall at La Manga Club

Hailed as one of the UKs finest diet and movement specialists, Joanna Hall now runs exclusive Walkactive Training Camps at La Manga Club during the months of October and April (please note that exact dates may be subject to change). A huge hit with women (and even some men), these training camps are 4 night affairs, which come with all the 5 star luxury you would expect from the Hotel Principe Felipe at La Manga. Launched in October 2011, these training camps are specifically not boot camps yet are proving hugely popular and when you combine the celebrity status of Joanna Hall and the luxury of the La Manga Resort, it is easy to see why.

A fitness expert who takes getting fit by walking very seriously, Joanna Halls unique method is hugely appealing, no matter your level of fitness.

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The Best Restaurant in La Manga

La Manga Club has a huge range of restaurants to choose from, there are over 25 on the club and more in the surrounding towns, there is a restaurant of almost every cuisine, English, Italian, Chinese, Indian, American, Mexican, and Spanish.

I like a restaurant to be inviting from the outside with a relaxed atmosphere throughout, most of the restaurants at La Manga Club give this feel. There is one in particular which I personally recommend to anyone going to the club. Canelas, just a 2 minute drive from the La Manga Club Hotel is perfect for family or romantic meals for 2.

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Getting to La Manga Club

If you have already booked your accommodation at La Manga Club and are excited about the holiday that awaits you, you will no doubt be at the stage of deciding how you will make your way to the resort. No matter where in the UK you live, there is always the option drive from door to door. Although driving this sort of distance can seem like a real marathon, if you have the time to make the journey enjoyable along the way, by stopping off in interesting places, it can be really rewarding. If you decide to drive, you will have the choice between the channel tunnel, the short channel ferries or some of the longer UK to Spain ferry services, such as Bilbao or Santander.

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What to do and See in Murcia

Located in the south eastern corner of mainland Spain, Murcia has been attracting visitors for many years, and is one of the countrys most popular destinations. There is plenty to see and do for tourists of all ages, including walking tours, shopping, water sports and golf, just to name a few, the resort of La Manga Club offers a few different water activities alongside the golf and tennis club. La Manga golf course has three 18 hole courses varying in difficulty and also hosts a large practise area. These golf courses are famous around the globe for holding international tournaments over the years.

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Hiring golf equipment at La Manga Club

If you are planning a golfing holiday at La Manga Club, you have a real treat in store for you, not only are there the three championship courses to look forward to, but there is any amount of coaching options, including the highly acclaimed golf academies to choose from.

With a broad range of flight options from the UK to Alicante and Murcia (San Javier) airport you will have a good choice of cheap airlines such as Ryanair, BMI Baby, Jet2 and easyJet to get you there in relative comfort at a price that will not break the bank. Alternatively, you could opt to take the scenic route and cross the channel and drive to the resort in your car. If you choose to take your car, depending on the number of passengers you are accommodating, taking your golf clubs should not be an issue, but with some of the cheap flight operators, baggage and golf clubs can start to add up if you are not careful.

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