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'Boost' your health with a holiday in Spain

Taking a relaxing holiday in Spain during the winter months can help to boost your health, experts claim.

Furthermore, figures from budget carrier easyJet show that winter flight bookings are up 17 per cent on last year.

Dr David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, said that many people are feeling down after Christmas and are in need of a relaxing break in the sun.

"Taking a break during the winter months has huge benefits for your mind, body and soul," he said.

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Mid-haul holidays 'on the increase'

The number of people travelling to mid-haul destinations is on the increase, it has been claimed.

According to figures from Ascent MI's Leisure Travel Monitor, flights to Spain and other mid-haul destinations are up three per cent this winter, compared to the same period last year.

Online bookings and telephone reservations are up ten per cent, Travel Weekly reports, with holidaymakers preferring to browse on the internet rather than visit a travel agent.

All-inclusive holidays are also said to be on the increase, with people keen to peg the price of their holiday and avoid the stress of currency fluctuations.

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Holidaymakers must 'exercise caution' with overseas transactions

Holidaymakers have been urged to exercise the same amount of caution when using their credit and debit card abroad, as they would in the UK.

Duncan Barraclough, head of hotels at Travelsupermarket, said that holidaymakers should give thought to the amount of currency they are taking with them and where they use their cards.

Holidaymakers should not take a more relaxed approach to their finances simply because they are abroad.

"You have to be more vigilant, things like making sure the card is within your eyesight and when you do buy something on your card, you're happy that your transaction is being done through a reputable establishment," he added.

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Rationing flights 'won't work'

Recent proposals to introduce rationing of flights to Spain and other destinations have been criticised by aviation information specialist Ascend.

Peter Morris, the organisation's chief economist, described the suggestion made by Lord Turner, chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, as "preposterous".

"One of the things is if you look at the proportion of carbon emissions from aviation, it is admittedly small by any criteria, if one cares to look at, by five per cent worldwide," he commented.

In other news, British Airways announced recently that they are planning to halve their CO2 emissions by 2050.

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Brits 'long for holidays'

Despite the economic downturn there is still an "appetite" for holidays in Spain and other sunny destinations, it has been claimed.

Kayte Williams of Travelsupermarket, said that although the current climate is tough, people are still prepared to go away on holiday and are willing to sacrifice other luxuries instead.

"As people work longer hours, especially in this country, they are most unwilling to give up their holiday," she explained.

There are so many deals and bargain breaks on the market at the moment, that there is no excuse for people to give up their hard-earned holidays, Ms Williams added.

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Mr Nice movie to be shot in Benidorm

Those taking holidays in Spain this year may see some famous faces around the Benidorm area.

Mr Nice, a film based on the activities on Welsh smuggler Howard Marks is to be shot in Benidorm and Altea.

According to the Benidorm Spotlight, Marks earned the nickname Mr Nice due to his reluctance to use violence in his dealings.

Marks will be played by Notting Hill actor Rhys Ifans and auditions are reportedly taking place for extras in Benidorm at the Casa de Fester this weekend.

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Amy Winehouse splashes out on holiday spa treatments

British singer Amy Winehouse appears to have given up her partying ways in favour of relaxing facials and massages.

The singer is said to have spent more than £6,000 on spa treatments during a recent holiday in the Caribbean, the Mirror reports.

Hotel manager Andrew Barnard told the newspaper that the singer had been on a detoxifying exercise and healthy eating programme.

"When you eat a lot of fresh food your body changes.

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London City Airport scoops prestigious award

London City Airport has been named as the 'top' UK airport by the readers of travel publication Wanderlust.

The airport, which handles around 3.3 million passengers annually, was presented with the award last week by Wanderlust's editor-in-chief, Lyn Hughes.

Rupa Haria, PR manager at the airport, commented: "The team at London City Airport is dedicated to providing the best possible passenger experience and Wanderlust readers have demonstrated their commitment to the airport by voting for us.

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Brits 'long for upgrades'

Almost half of British holidaymakers would like to upgrade their travel plans, a new survey has revealed.

Research carried out by travel add-on provider Holiday Extras found that if holidaymakers could change anything they would stay in more luxurious surroundings.

Further results show that if money were no object, 42 per cent of people would change their holiday plans completely and head to a more exotic destination.

However, just seven per cent of people said they would like to improve their holiday by upgrading their partner.

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Airline offers massages to help tourists relax

Holidaymakers getting on board flights to Spain may find they have a relaxing trip as one company is offering a new detox service.

Low cost airline bmibaby is trialling the new idea on selected flights to the popular tourist destination and will offer free massages and life coaching, Holiday Extra reports.

This will include head and hand massages and it is thought that these could help to relax those who are nervous flyers.

Crawford Rix, managing director of bmibaby, said: "The onboard detox zone will give passengers the chance to start their trip feeling relaxed and ready to reap the benefits of a break away.

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