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Winter Holidays at La Manga Club

Winter in the UK can be long and tough and escaping for a bit of sunshine during the dark and cold winter months is a real tonic. When it comes to seeking winter sunshine, there are few places better for tennis fans to head than La Manga Club. If you are a tennis player, no matter whether you are a complete beginner, an accomplished amateur or a semi-pro, the facilities at La Manga will blow you away, no matter the season. The floodlit courts and the coaching facilities will have you forgetting that its not summer in minutes after you have donned your whites and picked up your racket.

Add to all this, the great deals that are on offer at La Manga all year round, but particularly during winter, and you will see why people of all ages flock to this neck of the woods 365 days a year. No matter whether you choose to take advantage of the variety of self catering accommodation at La Manga or the 5 star Hotel Principe Felipe or the 4 star Las Lomas Village, you can be sure that winter in this part of the world will leave you feeling all warm and cozy, without the need to spark up the central heading or stoke the fire.

Apart from tennis, there are plenty of other things to do at La Manga, no matter the time of year you go, but the real pleasure of winter here is that there are fewer people about than in the high season, which makes it seem as if you have managed to secure this little bit of paradise just to yourself. Whats more, thanks to the huge number of sunshine hours you can expect here, theres no need whatsoever to plan to be cooped up when you arrive. The good news is that there are practically no activities at La Manga that can only be carried out in the summer months.

Irrespective of whether you have decided you want to come for a short break to recharge your batteries or a long stay, you will never be left looking for something to do. No matter whether you are a young professional couple, a retired sporty couple or parents with young kids, this truly is the ideal winter holiday option. Even though you have tennis firmly in your sights, there are plenty of other things to do. So what might you decide to do beyond the tennis court while you are ‘in residence?

It could be that you want to combine another sport with your tennis while youare here? In this case theres plenty to choose from, including: golf, football, tennis, cricket, rugby, diving and snorkeling, horse-riding, road and mountain biking, Gaelic football, lacrosse, netball and of course walking and running as well as a whole host of fitness classes. However, if you just want to kick back and relax, thats perfectly possible too. So take your time, make some plans and make sure you make the most of every single minute you spend at the resort.

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular options for tennis fans while they are off court is golf. The golf courses at La Manga boast facilities that can shake a stick at most of the championship courses around the world. That said, during September and October, which are arguably more “autumn” than winter, the courses close for the odd day here and there for maintenance so, if you are planning a trip to focus on tennis and golf, do make sure you are informed about planned closures before you book.

If relaxation is more on your horizon, then head for the Spa, which is open every day of the year and is waiting to hug you and make you feel and look your very best, on and off the court. Everything from fitness classes to exotic massages are offered on site and waiting to welcome you. And taking into account the restaurants and bars at La Manga, its just as well that your plan is to keep your body moving. To be honest, even if you come for a long stay over the winter, at no time will you be left looking for something to do, either inside or out.

If you like to get your winter tennis holiday sorted out, but are hesitating for any reason, why not get in touch? Our staff know the La Manga Club inside out and are here ready to take your call to make sure you make the right decisions for your winter holiday.

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