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Shape up at La Manga Club

At La Manga Club, you can rest assured that if your mind is on it, you will be able to go home from your holiday in even better shape than you arrive. Dont you just hate all the time you spend getting yourself in beach babe bikini shape for your holiday and then coming home feeling like you have put on a load of weight because you have been eating out and enjoying the odd bottle of wine? At La Manga Club it does not have to be like that.

A real haven for outdoor types as well as sport and fitness lovers, La Manga Club is ideal for anyone who wants to go on holidays just to chill out, but is simply perfect for anyone who wants to really focus on shaping up during their break. No matter how you want to structure your regime, La Manga will give you a whole host of options at your disposal. You can either choose to create your own programme of health and fitness, backed by healthy eating or you can take advantage of the Personal Trainer option at La Manga.

Availing of a personal trainer is a great way to help you identify achievable, as well as realistic objectives, then put together a feasible and do-able programme of activities, and most importantly stick to it. Although a reasonably recent concept, Personal Trainers are becoming more popular and more commonly used by people who are serious about achieving their fitness goals.

Many people choose to work with a personal trainer because they know, left to their own devices, they might stick rigidly to their programme for a week or two, but thereafter that, their enthusiasm typically tends to wane. If youíve been under the supervision of, and enjoyed the motivation of a personal trainer at home, thereís no reason why this arrangement canít continue during your stay at La Manga if you get yourself organised. And if youíve never worked with a personal trainer, what better way to kick-start, or raise the bar of your exercise programme than by working with a personal trainer when youíre in residence at La Manga?

If you decide the personal trainer route isnít for you and make the choice to go the self-managed route, you can always make up your own varied and interesting programme, making the most of the vast range of facilities on offer. You might choose to include workouts at the gym, or one of the classes as well as swimming a few laps in the pool. Like any keep or get-fit plan, part of your success will rely on you being focused; determined and strict when it comes to keeping the promises you make to yourself. All of this is made easier at La Manga thanks to the great choice of organised activities you can build into your schedule.

Choose to trek to the likes of Cenizas Artillery Battery or mountain bike in Calblanque Natural Park or give Nada yoga a go, either way, you wonít be left looking for ideas. With a whole range of spinning, stretching and dance options available too, your programme can be as varied and as full as you wish.

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