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Packing for your La Manga Club holiday

If you are at the stage of making your list of what to pack to go on holiday to La Manga Club, you are sure to be excited. The thought of your holiday being so close is the ideal way to get through those last few days at work, when everyone seems to find something extra for you to get done before you go. While your core items for your La Manga Holiday will be pretty much the same as they would be with any beach or pool holiday, there are some extra things worth thinking about. Here is our Top 5.

1. Be ready for your chosen sport or sports. No matter what sport you love, you are sure to find it at La Manga. With a strong focus on golf and tennis, there are plenty of other sports on offer that might take your interest when you arrive. As a result, it is a good idea to go prepared to be able to participate in any sport that takes your fancy while youíre on site. This need not mean excess baggage, just a couple of extra items which will allow you to do a bit of biking, or play a game of tennis if the notion takes you. If you are going to La Manga to play golf, there are some pretty specific rules about what you can and canít wear on the course.

Although the rules donít differ all that much from what youíd expect in the UK, it is worth checking out their official website for the lowdown of whatís allowed and what isnít clothing and footwear wise. One thing worth bearing in mind is that you can hire pretty much all your equipment at La Manga, so that should help when it comes to packing. But do remember, if you want to hire equipment, book nice and early to make sure you get what you want.

2. Pack so you can take the chance of fine dining. Although La Manga is a pretty laid back resort, it is worth packing at least one ensemble thatíll make you feel a bit special if you decide to eat at one of the more up-market restaurants. It neednít be evening dress or jacket and tie, just something that makes you feel a million dollars!

3. Prepare to stay in touch with phones and laptops that are geared up and ready to go. Depending on your need to stay in touch while youíre on holiday, you may decide that your mobile phone is sufficient. If you do decide to go the mobile phone route, do make sure that you have sorted out a contract that is the best it possibly can be for use in Europe. That way, you wonít come home to a nasty phone bill.

If you need more comprehensive access to the internet and emails while youíre away, you may decide to take your laptop with you. If you do, there are plenty of WiFi hotspots at La Manga, which you can access using a card bought on site.

Expect the sun. It seems obvious to say, but particularly if youíre travelling with babies, small children or the elderly, go prepared for the sun. High factor sunscreens, sun hats and swimsuits with an SPF factor will all help make your holiday more enjoyable.

Sunburn is not only uncomfortable and painful, it can be dangerous to small babies and the elderly; so do take care. Also make a point of making sure everyone in your party stays well hydrated. Itís only too easy to get caught up in doing things and forget to drink your required quota of water.
5. Donít forget your passport, driverís license and travel insurance. Again, this one may seem obvious, but donít get caught out by last minute panics at the airport. Make sure, at least the night before, that you have all your official documents safely packed.

Itís also a good idea to get into the habit of making a mental (or diary) note, each time you book a foreign holiday to check the expiry date of your passportÖyouíd be amazed at the number of people who get caught out by that one!

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Packing for your La Manga Club holiday

If you are at the stage of making your list of what to pack to go on holiday to La Manga Club, you are sure to be excited. The thought of your holiday being so close is the ideal way to get through those last few days at work, when everyone seems to find something extra for you to get done before you go..

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