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Looking great at La Manga Club

No matter where you are in the world, looking great could not come much easier than it does at La Manga Club. With everything perfectly positioned to make you look and feel great, La Manga truly is the place to go if you are determined to look your best, both during your stay and when you get home. Irrespective of whether your focus is weight loss, general fitness or pure unabashed beauty, there is a solution that will leave you feeling a million dollars (and maybe just a whole lot more).

For those of you who are true believers that beauty comes from within, then theres a strong argument for availing of some of the fitness options at La Manga before heading off to the beauty salon. If you enjoy walking, you will be excited to hear that the TV fitness guru, Joanna Hall will be in residence at La Manga, heading up a “Walkactive Training Camp” . During this camp, participants will learn the Walkactive technique that has been developed by Joanna to get people to peak fitness without the need to run.

Thereafter you’ve got the “Fitness 12 Retreats” which are specialist cycling, triathlon, yoga and detox short breaks that will really kick-start a whole new way of life. And then of course you have the gym, there’s the horse riding, there’s the scuba-diving, there’s netball, there’s Lacrosse, the list just goes on, and on. Or of course, you could plump for a personal trainer if you prefer to have a unique programme created, just for you. Either way, you can be sure that your new body will look leaner, fitter and greater than you could ever have imagined.

When it comes to the outside, the Spa at La Manga, will leave your whole body feeling relaxed and pampered. From the moment you enter the spa, you’ll be taken by its light and airy feel. Slip into your robe and slippers and drift away into a world that’s scented by essential oils and calmed by soothing music. Select one of the Spa’s signature treatments if you don’t have a favourite treatment of your own, or book your regular treatment and enjoy it in this unique environment. Either way a Hawaiian, Indian or Mexican massage will leave your toned body feeling lighter, more relaxed and more nourished than you ever dared imagine.

And when all of that’s done, take to the beauty salon to have your hands, feet and face treated with the very finest of products to add the finishing touch to looking as great as you feel. There’s even a range of hi-tech beauty treatments available at La Manga that you’d normally only expect to find in big cities.

So, if you’ve come to La Manga Club with the objective of looking great when you leave, absolutely everything you could need is there, just waiting for you. Get yourself in shape, book yourself some relaxing treatment time and then organise the finishing touches. Take your time, plan your schedule and seek help if you need to. There are plenty people at the resort to advise and guide you in your goal. Go on, you know you deserve it!

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Looking great at La Manga Club

No matter where you are in the world, looking great could not come much easier than it does at La Manga Club. With everything perfectly positioned to make you look and feel great, La Manga truly is the place to go if you are determined to look your best, both during your stay and when you get home..

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