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Last minute checklist for La Manga Club

There is always a last minute rush when it comes to holidays, no matter how organised you are, there always seems to be something which slips the net. Irrespective of how many lists you create marked Our La Manga Club Holiday, you are almost certain to be rushing around trying to buy, or organise something at the last minute. So, here are some checklist items that might help with your preparation for your forthcoming La Manga resort holiday:

1. Passport. Even though we’re all part of Europe, you’ll still need a passport to go to La Manga. The Schengen rules means that there are no longer frontier controls between the EU countries, because the UK doesn’t operate an ID card system you will still need a valid passport. It sounds really obvious, but do remember to double-check the expiry date on your passport well before your departure date. It’s only too easy to forget that your passport needs to be renewed, leaving you jumping through hoops and having lots of stress trying to sort out a new one in time for your holiday. Avoid this by checking your passport and by allowing at least 4-6 weeks before your departure date to organise any new ones required.

2. Flights to La Manga. There are two main airports near La Manga Club, Alicante and Murcia (San Javier). Murcia (San Javier) is approximately 25km away from the resort and Alicante about 120km. Both of these airports are well served by the budget airlines, but Alicante, being a bigger airport has more choice. No matter where in the UK you’re travelling from, you should be able, if you allow enough time, to track down a good priced flight. A good idea, well ahead of time, is to do a Google search, for “cheap flights to Alicante” or “cheap flights to Murcia (San Javier)”. If you leave your flight to the last minute, you’re likely to either bag yourself a real bargain, be disappointed or pay over the odds, so maybe this one’s best booked well in advance!

3. Car hire or airport transfers. You would be forgiven for looking at all the information online about La Manga Club resort and thinking that you won’t need a car while you’re there. Granted, most of the time, you’ll get by perfectly well without a car. However, there are two good reasons for hiring a car for your holiday at La Manga. The first is that car hire is now so cheap that, if you’re flying into Alicante, you’ll more than likely be able to hire a car for the same cost as your airport transfers by taxi. And the second is, there are some amazing places to visit in this neck of the woods and without a car you could miss out.

4. Golf and tennis. It is important, particularly during peak season, to book as far ahead as possible for both golf and tennis. Only by working this way can you be sure to get the golf and tennis slots that you

5. Academies at La Manga Club. Booking ahead for La Manga academies isn’t only desirable, it’s absolutely essential! There’s a whole list of academies at La Manga, such as: The Golf Academy; The Junior Golf Academy; The Tennis Academy; The Junior Tennis Academy; The Tennis Pro Academy; The Junior Football Academy; The Michael Owen Junior Rugby Academy; The Adventure Athletics Academy for Kids; The Junior Dance Academy and The Lee Westwood Junior Academy, so do take time to do your homework and make your bookings well in advance.

6. Childcare at La Manga. The La Manga Junior Club is a superb childcare facility for children aged 3 months to 12 years. Open 7 days a week during peak season and Monday to Friday out of season, it’s just what busy parents need whilst on holiday, but this is another thing you really must book in advance. Numbers are strictly limited and while you might be lucky and either pick up a cancellation or pitch up on a week that’s less busy, it’s best not to rely on either.

7. Equipment hire. At La Manga Club it’s possible to hire golf clubs for seniors and juniors (they even have left handed clubs); tennis rackets for all ages and sizes and bikes, so if you decide to travel light, you’ll still be able to play your sport. That said, once again don’t leave booking equipment hire until the last minute…particularly if you’re relying on getting their left handed golf clubs!

8. Staying in touch. More and more people are looking to be able to stay in touch during their holiday. It may be that you run your own business or that your job is hectic, or simply that you have family back home that you want to be able to contact you. Either way, you need to think about how you’ll stay in touch when you’re at La Manga. If you decide to rely on your mobile phone, it’s worth checking your Europe-wide options with your operator well ahead of time. That way you won’t come home to any nasty surprises. The other alternative is to take your laptop with you and stay in touch using the WiFi system which is on offer at the resort. You can buy a WiFi card when you arrive that will give you online access at various hotspots throughout La Manga.

9. Last minute packing. Of course you’ll already have thought about all the essentials, like sun protection, sunglasses, swimming costume etc, but one thing that might be worth adding to your list is something a bit “smart casual” incase you decide to dine at the likes of Amapola one evening. Also, don’t forget to take your travel insurance, just incase.

10. Get ready to chill… your countdown is almost complete and you’re going to have a great time. As long as you have the essentials and you’ve booked ahead what you can, you’ll be able to sort anything else out when you get there. Now it’s time to chill out and get ready to relax, you’re going to have a fabulous holiday!

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