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Why bother with a holiday villa? Indeed why bother with holiday villas in Spain? As the world of international travel becomes increasingly more accessible, holidays and planning are becoming complex and frustrating.

Those who opt to enjoy their hard earned breaks staying in holiday villas in Spain can enjoy the luxury of controlling their own sojourn and doing as much or as little as they want at their own pace and to their own schedule.

New research from American Express revealed that 65 per cent of Britons manage to fall out with their holiday companions before their planes have begun the taxi down the runway, before, even, the holidaymakers have reached the check-in desk at the airline terminal.

One of the top five holiday planning rows was revealed to be the quality and type of accommodation booked - a bug bear for 17 per cent of Brits.

Often, when booking a hotel break, consumers don't get the chance to see pictures of the exact room they will be staying in. This can cause anxiety and concern, and often disappointment upon arrival when the reality does not match the website hyperbole.

Those booking villa holidays in Spain, and indeed to the La Manga Club Hyatt Las Lomas Village, can often see pictures of the villas they are to stay in prior booking.

And rather than be limited by the inadequate facilities provided in a hotel room, villa holidays in Spain can act as more of a home from home, equipped with such amenities as irons and ironing boards, videos and DVD players, hairdryers, multiple telephones and numerous televisions.

Villa holidays in Spain also give travellers the option of flexibility. While it could feel restricting to spend a day or even an evening in the confines of your hotel room, villas are much more roomy, often with separate seating areas, lounges, balconies and kitchens, meaning there is less chance of holidaymakers getting under one another's feet.

Of course the kitchen in itself is an advantage of taking villa holidays in Spain: the flexibility to save money on eating out by creating your own meals and snacks at the times that you want to eat.

Villa holidays in Spain such as the ones offered by La Manga Club often include properties set in breathtaking areas. At La Manga Club, guests on villa holidays n Spain can wake up and look out on views of the mountains, golf courses and even the turquoise Mar Menor.

Luxury villa holidays in Spain can even see guests enjoying impromptu barbecues on private terraces, hot tubs, children's play areas and sunbathing areas.

La Manga Club's Villas of Luxury are surely the apex of decadence on villa holidays in Spain as they feature a lounge with a special bridge room, a breakfast room, utility room, dining room and even a cinema room in addition to a mini gym and study.

Villa holidays in Spain may also help holidaymakers stick to a budget.

National Savings and Investments recently reported that more than a third of holidaymakers neglect to set a budget in terms of spending money when they go on their villa holidays in Spain and elsewhere.

Naturally, on their return more than a quarter of these overspenders are shocked by the amount of money that they parted with on holiday.

On average, holidaymakers claimed to have exceeded their planned spending limit by more than £133, with the main reasons given as by 49 per cent of Brits being because they work hard all year and feel they deserve to treat themselves.

While this is indeed true for most holidaying Brits, one way to avoid the sting of credit card bills on their return could be to consider villa holidays in Spain as opposed to hotel breaks.

On villa holidays in Spain, travellers can save money on expensive meals out by renting a hire car on one day to visit an authentic market to pick up local produce before cooking their own meals in the evening.

And even if holidaymakers want to eat out at night, it is likely that they can save a few euros by making lunch in the villa.

NS&I claims that 23 per cent of Brits fell caught out buy "hidden incidentals" when budgeting on holiday, such as transport costs to and from the hotel.

"There is no doubt that holidays and spending while abroad are costing Brits a lot more than many bargain for, but people need to think past simply enjoying themselves and to plan their finances so there are no nasty shocks when they get home and face the bills," Dax Harkins, senior savings strategist at NS&I, said.

And according to Mr Harkins, planning can help save money prior to taking holidays.

While planning villa holidays in Spain may not save you a fortune, it could save on lunchtime snacks and, of course, you can't put a price on the freedom of being able to do and eat what you want when you want, nor on the luxury of a home away from home.

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