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Driving in Spain

For those taking a holiday in Spain this year, hiring a car is arguably the best way to get around. Not only does a hire car offer you flexibility and the freedom to discover the country in your own time, but it is also an economical option.

Families in particular will find that the cost of airport transfers, taxis and public transport quickly adds up.

Hiring a car in Murcia is very straightforward, with holidaymakers able to book via La Manga Club's website or arrange car hire at Murcia or Alicante Airport.

However, before renting a car it is always advisable to enquire whether they will be any additional fees to pay on collection and whether there is a charge for extra drivers. Those aged under 25 may be required to pay a supplement and drivers requiring a baby seat should arrange this in advance.

Holidaymakers should find driving in Murcia very simple. Roads are clearly sign-posted and the drive to La Manga Club takes less than an hour. Traffic is well-managed in the city and visitors will find plenty of parking, including a large underground car park next to Murcia's Town Hall.

Although Brits should have not trouble driving in Spain, it is always advisable to read up on the rules of the road before hiring a car.

According to, drivers should always ensure that they carry the correct documentation when in Spain.

"You will need to have your driver's license, registration and a certificate of insurance. It's a good idea to carry your passport as well. If you don't own the vehicle, carry the agreement from the car hire company to prove you have the right to drive the car," the website said.

Drink driving laws are extremely strict in Spain and those found to be over the limit could face hefty fines and even imprisonment. Seat belts are also a requirement and children under the age of 12 should not be seated in the front of the car.

Talking on a mobile phone is also prohibited, as is using an ear-piece and talking in a car at the side of the road.

Those hiring a car in Murcia need not restrict themselves to the Costa Blanca region. There are plenty of exciting destinations to explore, including the beautiful city of Malaga.

Malaga is home to numerous attractions, including the famous Picasso Museum, which boasts 155 paintings, sculptures and drawings spanning the artist's entire career.

According to, the Picasso Museum is home to works including the Paulo con gorro blanco and the Olga Kokhlova con mantilla – a portrait of Picasso's "certifiably insane first wife".

Other cultural attractions in Malaga include the Contemporary Art Museum, Archaeology Museum and Military Museum.

Those looking to travel further afield in their hire car may wish to journey up the coast to Barcelona.

A feast for the senses, Barcelona offers plenty to see and do, with its Gaudi cathedral and bustling shops. The city is also home to the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Joan Miro Foundation Museum and the historic Mountain of the Jews.

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