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Buying a property at La Manga Club

Set on over 1500 acres of beautiful country side in the Murcian hills La Manga Club is worthy of consideration if you are in the market for second property or are thinking of moving overseas. The climate is perfect all year round, although being southern Spain it can be a little hot during the main summer months. The winter climate is close to perfect boasting some 330 days of sunshine each year.

With over 2000 properties on La Manga Club the choice of property is huge. There are approximately 20 different communities and over 120 villas with private swimming pools. The communities consist of both villas and apartments, from one to 5 bedrooms.

The owners Club is a hive of activity as many owners live on the Club full time and there are many sporting and leisure activities to get involved. Some owners spend their winters at La Manga Club to take advantage of the warmer climes, whereas many just spend their annual holidays and long weekends enjoying the facilities on offer.

As a rental agency we offer our clients the opportunity to stay in these properties on a short or long term basis. Many owners tend to rent and stay in the properties before they purchase as this is an excellent way of determining if that particular community or property would suit their needs on a more permanent basis.

If property owners are restricted to say 4 or 5 weeks holidays per year renting the villa or apartment is an excellent way to generate income to cover annual running costs and maintenance. The running costs are fairly high as each owner contributes to not only the upkeep of the property and communal areas, but also the extensive sports and leisure facilities that are available to owners, at discounted rates, but also their guests.

The world class sports and leisure facilities at La Manga Club are second to none and include 3 championship golf courses, a state of the art tennis academy, indoor swimming pools, Spa facilities, lawn bowls and football academy to name a few.

Whilst the owners club offers full dining options, La Manga Club offers over 25 restaurants and bars with a wide choice of cuisines ranging from traditional Spanish and Mediterranean to Chinese and Italian restaurants.

The club has two on-site supermarkets including a good size chain supermarket, so dining in or alfresco is always available as an option. The local towns of Los Belones and Cabo de Palo also offer a good choice of restaurants and it is fair to say that the further you are away from the Club the more reasonable the prices become.

The type of villa or apartment to select for purchase at La Manga Club really depends what you intend to do with the property. If you intend to rent out the property whilst you are not using it your self then you should perhaps consider one of the more centrally located properties, as rental clients tend to favour the properties that are within easy reach and walking distance to the main facilities of La Manga Club, such as the tennis centre, golf club and main shops and supermarkets.

A couple of the communities such as Los Olivos and Monte Verde have both out door and indoor heated swimming pools, which make the properties very viable for rentals during the entire year. Whereas other properties will usually only rent June through to September of each year, except the school holiday periods.

Some communities at La Manga Club, such as Los Naranjos offer a heated outdoor swimming pool, throughout the year which is very effective. Quite a few communities provide a solar heated pool which is fine and they work very well, providing the outside temperature remains warm and is constant. Fortunately the weather in this part of Spain is excellent with over 330 days of sunshine each year.

There are many factors to consider when buying a property at La Manga Club and there are many independent estate agents who are able to offer impartial advice and point you in the right direction, when considering your dream home in the sun.

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Buying a property at La Manga Club

Set on over 1500 acres of beautiful country side in the Murcian hills La Manga Club is worthy of consideration if you are in the market for second property or are thinking of moving overseas. The climate is perfect all year round, although being southern Spain it can be a little hot during the main summer months..

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