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Airlines that fly to La Manga Club

La Manga Club is one of Spains most popular resorts and can be found on Spains Costa Calida. It is perfect for golfers, tennis players and family holidays in the sun. Like all things these days its is best to research who flies into the nearest airports to La Manga Club and below is some information about each company that offers flights to Murcia airport and in most cases Alicante airport too. Murcia is only 20 minutes away from La Manga Club and it is a very simple journey, Alicante just over an hour away and there are mainly 2 roads to follow with a couple of tolls along the way.

The company that operates the most flights is Ryanair and is very popular with clients visiting La Manga Club. They are a low cost airline meaning the prices will be good but this also means that some aspects of the flight might be slightly less attractive than a higher priced airline. Ryanair currently service 7-9 flights daily. Depending on what time of year you are travelling the prices will differ, in low season Ryanair offers some fantastic deals but until you have reached the end of your on line enquiry you will not see the total cost you will pay. The first price you see is not generally the total price so proceed carefully to ensure you have what you need.

The second company which flies to Murcia and Alicante is Easyjet, again they are a low cost airline. They are well established and very reliable with flight times. They offer 2-3 flights daily to Murcia with more in high season and were the first to reintroduce seat allocation therefore avoiding the mad scenes when everyone was scrambling for a seat to sit near each other. Ryanair have also now reverted back to seat allocation. You can pre-select your seats when booking and will pay for this privilege alternatively wait until you check in and the booking system will allocate best seats available. Baggage allowance is 20kg plus hand luggage.

The third company which flies to Murcia is Jet2. They offer good baggage allowance of 22kg plus hand luggage and have approximately 7 flights from the UK daily to both Murcia and Alicante airport.

A fourth company which flies to La Manga is Iberia, one of the longest running airline companies, Spains national airline it has been offering transport worldwide since 1927. Iberia offers 5 flights daily to Murcia. The baggage allowance is very good for Iberia, they allow 23kg per person although if it exceeds 23kg there is a fine which can work out expensive.

British Airways also operates flights to Murcia with a baggage allowance of 23g. The baggage allowances are more generous on the latter airlines but generally prices are more competitive with the low cost airlines.

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Airlines that fly to La Manga Club

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