La Manga golf academy

Have you ever thought about taking up golf or improving your game?

One of the best equipped golf academies in Europe

La Manga Club Academy of Golf offers you the ideal combination of superb practice facilities, high-tech stroke analysis and, most importantly, a friendly and experienced team of pros, plus, of course, the mild and sunny Costa Calida weather!

La Manga Club Academy of Golf caters for all levels of ability, from beginner through to intermediate and advanced. PGA-qualified golf professionals guide participants through five mornings of instruction, and their enthusiasm and friendliness make each lesson relaxed, fun and informative. Our five-day Academy courses will help you improve every aspect of your game, from basic skills, tips and match play tactics to golf etiquette and selecting equipment.

The Academy takes place Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Private lessons are available from 12:00 noon. Advance reservations are essential.

Academy Facilities

La Manga Club's highly successful Academy of Golf has just been completely refurbished, extended and re-equipped with the very latest computerised, digital coaching technology, designed not only to meet golfers' sporting needs but also to provide a lively social hub for the Academy.

The new Academy building features its own Academy Reception, where specialist staff will be able to provide advice, and a large lounge, where you can meet up, talk, have a drink or simply watch the latest tour action on TV in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Also new are two indoor teaching studios with computer analysis, 21 outdoor tees for the exclusive use of La Manga Academy students (apart from the main, 60-bay driving range) and a Ping Fitting Centre where clients will receive expert assessment on their golfing equipment needs.

Coaching Technology

La Manga Club Academy of Golf has recently been re-equipped with V1, the world's most advanced computerised video analysis system. Under the expert guidance of their teaching professionals, V1 analysis will give you a new insight into your game and help you correct those irritating faults. Amongst other features, the V1 digital swing analysis system offers you:

  1. Instant visualisation and on-screen analysis
  2. Side-by-side comparison of different swings
  3. A clearer understanding of the effect of modifications to your swing on your game

Unlike most earlier systems, your swing will be filmed by not one but two cameras (one facing, the other down the line), providing immediate feedback from all angles. The superb quality of the digital reproduction enables the pro to identify even the very slightest deviation from the perfect. The system also allows the flight of the ball to be recorded, which means that you can see not just the movement of the swing but also, more importantly, the result of your action on the ball.

Academy Programme:

The Total Golf Learning Experience

Over the five days of the La Manga Academy course, their pros will take you through all the techniques and tactics of golf, covering the following aspects:

Long Game Clinic - Building up to the Full Swing

The long game is comprehensively covered at the Academy of Golf, giving you the confidence to take your knowledge from the Academy onto the course, and encompasses:

  • Selecting the right club
  • Step-by-step breakdown, including grip, stance, aim and posture, building up to the full swing
  • Striking the golf ball
  • Demonstrations of common mistakes and how to correct them
  • The draw and the fade
  • Video analysis of your swing
  • The Short Game
  • Chipping onto the green with a range of irons
  • Bunker play
  • Pitching over hazards
  • Practice drills
  • Introduction to Putting
  • Adjusting the stance for putting
  • Reading the greens
  • Useful practice drills
  • Advanced putting
  • Audio-Visual Presentation

A comprehensive presentation covers the following areas of the game:

  • The rules of golf
  • Golf course etiquette
  • A guide to golf equipment and its care
  • Golf course management and strategy
  • Sample Academy Programme Day by Day
  • Basic theory of the movements of golf
  • Introduction to the short game
  • Secrets of putting
  • Approach shots
  • Types of putter and their use
  • Introduction to the swing
  • Tackling the green
  • Reading the green
  • The importance of rotation in the swing
  • Bunker techniques I
  • Chipping and pitching
  • The full swing
  • Bunker techniques II
  • Use of woods in the swing

Meet the Pros

Whatever the technology, at the end of the day it is the quality and dedication of the coaching staff that will make the difference to your game. At La Manga Club, their PGA-qualified pros will share with you their first-hand knowledge, experience and advice and inspire you with their enthusiasm so that you will not only learn a lot, but also have a great time doing so.

There are never more than six students to one professional, ensuring personal attention no matter how much or how little golfing experience you have.

Calvin O'Carroll

Qualified member of the British PGA - Class AA

Qualified in 1997 / Joined La Manga Club in 1998

Putting has no secrets for Calvin, who will teach you the techniques of putting, the types of putter and their use and, last but not least, how to read the greens.

Javier Garralón

Qualified member of the Spanish PGA - Maestro

Qualified in 1990 / Joined La Manga Club in 1995

Javier tackles some of the most technical aspects of golf including the short game, approach shots and bunker techniques.

Angel Luis Saura

Qualified member of the Spanish PGA

Qualified in 2000 / Joined La Manga Club in 1999

The youngest of the team, Angel Luis is responsible for 'tackling the green' and 'chipping and pitching', two aspects of the game that can give you a critical advantage over your opponents.

La Manga Club Academy of Golf

Recognised as one of the leaders in golf instruction, the La Manga Club Academy of Golf instructors will improve your golf game for sure. Whether you are a total beginner or a tour professional, we can help you. By incorporating a blend of computerised video analysis (V1 Digital Coaching System) and traditional teaching methods, in a fun but professional atmosphere, our professional team will improve your golf.

  • Make use of our EXPLANAR Golf Training System for both adults and children and TURN YOUR SWING THOUGHTS INTO SWING FEELINGS.
  • We offer a selection of different courses for adult golfers of all abilities.
  • Specialist academies for children are available during school holidays.
  • Professional Club fitting available.

The Total Learning experience



La Manga Clubs famous 4/5 Day (12/14 hours) course covering all aspects of Golf. This 4 day course takes you through all facets of shotmaking from Monday to Thursday. As an optional extra we offer an extra session on Friday morning. for those interested in the Mind Game , an improved knowledge of Rules & Etiquette, and quite simply how to mark your scorecard for different formats of the game.

Long game skills

  • Medium and long irons.
  • Fairway woods and rescue clubs.
  • Tee shots.

Short game skills

  • Putting and green reading.
  • Chipping and pitching.
  • Bunker play.

Computerised Video Analysis

  • General - The Mind game.
  • (Optional Friday) Rules and Course Etiquette.

Top quality Callaway Clubs supplied if required

La Manga Club Academy of Golf Shirt and Cap 

3 Day - Learn and Play



This course suits most golfers wishing to improve their golf, and combines lessons at the academy and playing on the course in the afternoon.

This particular programme will be tailored to accommodate the needs of the participants, with the correct blend of tuition and course work for all concerned. Tuition will include the following topics, each adjusted to the correct level for novices, intermediates and those with more experience and a lower handicap Includes a La Manga Club Academy of Golf shirt and cap on arrival and the use of top quality Callaway clubs if required

Long game skills

  • Short, medium and long irons.
  • Fairway woods and rescue clubs.
  • Tee shots.

Short game skills

  • Putting and green reading.
  • Chipping and pitching.
  • Bunker play.


  • Sloping lies and awkward stances the mind game.

A typical schedule would be ...

09.00 - 10.30 - Warm up and introductory long game tuition - Break.

10.45 - 12.00 - Short game tuition - Lunch Break.

p.m. - Golf - Play on each of La Manga Club's 3 famous courses.

Subject to availability / maximum 6 persons (minimum 3).

Two Day Quick Fix



From 9-12 a.m. Features both full-swing and short game instruction. This has proved a very popular program with all levels of golfer. Participants are split into specific groups according to ability. All aspects of the game are covered. Includes video and computer analysis as well as a specific plan for your future improvement.

The school includes ...

  1. Six hours of instruction.
  2. Video analysis and swing evaluation.
  3. Top quality Callaway clubs supplied if required.
  4. La Manga Club Academy of Golf Cap.
  5. Limited to four students per session(minimum 3 persons).