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Vacation Villa Rentals

Tourism is a driving force for the economies of many nations around the world. For example, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands are very popular Spanish vacation destinations. Both destinations offer a wide variety of accommodations from one-star hotels to villa rentals. Villa rentals are becoming increasingly popular as a means of getting away from everyday life.


Villa rentals offer much more than an inexpensive spot for a family or other large group of individuals. Privacy is a key factor to many tourists, and villa rentals offer the best in privacy. In the past villa rentals have been thought of as luxurious expenditures instead of potential necessities. Villas offer the privacy and space that most hotel chains and resorts cannot. Private yards offer families with children the opportunity to let the little ones play in the yard while parents relax nearby. Private pools and balconies allow room for parents to enjoy the company of each other and their children while not having to worry about interference from others.


Privately owned rental villas are available in a variety of areas. Some are conveniently located in or very near cities or metropolitan areas, while others may be located on the beach or in a rural area. The area each tourist chooses depends primarily on their needs. Villa rentals in or near a city can be very convenient for those who plan to enjoy all the activities the city has to offer. Those located near the beach can be a prime area for couples seeking the romance the beach has to offer or families looking for a great beach vacation. Rental villas located in rural areas allow the tourist to get away from it all.


Rental villas are nearly always self-catering. Self-catering simply means the person renting the villa has no room service. They are responsible for their own foodstuff for the duration of their vacation. For this reason, some prefer renting a villa in city limits or near shopping areas. Self-catering villa rentals offer the ability for guests to cook meals they are accustomed to or take the opportunity to learn to cook international meals.


Transportation to and from the rental villa may be via public transportation, rental car, bike or walking. Of course the mode of transportation is highly dependent on the location of the rental villa. A villa in city limits may require only a short walk to and from all areas of interest, while a villa in a rural area may require a rental vehicle. Taxis and other public transportation can be expensive if used on a long-term basis.

Large Group Accommodations

Families aren't the only large parties engaging in villa rentals. Graduating high school seniors are often treated to a vacation by groups of teachers and parents. College students often enjoy a spring break away from school, just to take time to relax between semesters. Business owners often rent a villa for extended business trips with co-workers. Many public organizations make a special effort each year to reward their members with a vacation of sorts. Villa rentals are the perfect solution to their accommodation requirements.