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Owners of Villas and Apartments at La Manga Club

La Manga Rentals have over 10 years experience in renting villas and apartments on behalf of villa and apartment owners at La Manga Club and need additional villas and apartments to meet the increasing rental demand from our clients.

Our website now enjoys in excess of 50,000 unique visitors every month from clients interested in La Manga Club. As far as we are aware we are the only rental agency in the UK exclusively dedicated to offering our clients holidays at La Manga Club. When a client contacts us, we just need to find them a suitable villa or apartment at La Manga Club.

As a result of this continued year on year growth at La Manga Club we need additional villas and apartments, in all communities to meet the demand from or rental clients. There is no need to change your existing management company arrangements, we just want to offer you rentals. We do not charge any fees and therefore have to be successful in securing rentals for your property.

We are currently seeking new villa and apartments to rent in all communities at La Manga Club.

Why allow us to rent your property?

? A proven track record in achieving high levels of occupancy for owners at La Manga Club.

? A range of exclusive websites all dedicated to La Manga Club to promote your villa or apartment.

? Ongoing online and offline advertising promoting the benefits of luxury holidays at La Manga Club as a luxury holiday destination.

? Email Marketing to rental clients, promoting special offers and late availability for your villa and or apartment at La Manga Club.

? Flexible rental packages to suit your requirements including guaranteed rentals.

? We do not require exclusive arrangements for your villa or apartment we just want to fill your empty weeks and provide you with a higher rental income.

Maximise your rental income for your villa or apartment with a trusted name in the business dedicated exclusively to La Manga Club. We can assure you of our commitment to continuing to deliver high levels of service to all our villa and apartment owners at La Manga Club.

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