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Luxury resorts in Spain, such as the famous La Manga Club, draw thousands of foreign tourists every year. The Mar Menor region is frequented by travelers intrigued by its unique geography.

La Manga isn't the only luxury resort in Spain, though it's one of the most well-known. The country has long been a destination for tourists wanting to bask in the famous Spanish sun. Luxury resorts in Spain draw thousands of tourists every year. The region is a popular with Brits for relaxation and pampering. In fact, visitors from the UK make up a large percentage of foreign tourists to Spain.

The luxury resort industry in Spain is thriving. Tourism numbers are up in recent years. Luxury resorts in Spain continue to be built at a steady pace. La Manga Club is one of the older luxury resorts on the Costa Blanca. However, it currently competes with dozens of newer luxury vacation resorts along the famous 200 km stretch. Resorts dot the coastline from north to south and continue into the Costa Calida.

La Manga, along with numerous other tourist villages and hotels, is located on the Mar Menor, which translates to "Little Sea." The Mar Menor is a unique land formation on mainland Spain's southeastern coast. Mar Menor is the largest saltwater lake in Europe. It is cut off completely from the rest of the Mediterranean Sea by a 22 km. long sandbar. Known as Gran Via, the strip is home to numerous hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars and apartments.

Luxury resorts in Spain like La Manga have capitalized on the appeal of the Mar Menor. Tourists flock to the region to enjoy its almost endless sunshine. In fact, the area rarely sees rainfall. Instead, it enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. Its 70 km coast is home to some of the world's most renowned beaches.

Vacationers to the Gran Via strip in Mar Menor have access to two different types of water bodies. The saltwater lake is only 8 meters at its deepest. The water temperature never drops below a comfortable bath level. During the summer, it often reaches 30 degrees Celsius. It has even been described by its regular visitors as "the world's largest swimming pool." The Little Sea is one of the world's most ideal locations for water sports like skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing and sailing.

Hardier surfers looking for the big waves often venture to the outer side of the strip. Here lies the Mediterranean Sea. Though it is mere meters from its smaller cousin, Mar Menor, the Mediterranean is considerably colder. Its shores are still swimmable, though. Surfers who venture further out to ride the waves often need a wet suit to keep warm. Its characteristic ocean waves draw surfers from all over Europe and the UK.

The Mar Menor region offers a range of other activities. World-class golf courses dot the region. Tennis, horseback riding, biking, hiking and more beckon numerous travelers seeking an action-packed vacation.

However, one need not have luxurious taste to enjoy all that Mar Menor has to offer. The region is abundant with moderately-priced rental villas and hotels. Virtually every town and village along Mar Menor's coast is rich with natural and historical sites. Whether tourists choose a luxury resort in Spain or more modest accommodations, Mar Menor is a great destination for beach activities.