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Horse Riding at Rancho de la Fuenta La Manga Spain

Horse riding is just one of many activities that can be done whilst at La Manga. The stable yard is in the local town of Los Belones which is no more than a few minutes drive from La Manga Club. The name of the horse ridng stables is Rancho de la Fuente.

There are about 60 horses available for adults to ride which are mainly Andalucian horses and there are Shetland ponies available for children, although there are many breeds of horses including Donkeys, Shetland ponies and Arabian horses at the horse riding stables.

Lessons are also available for the novice rider at Rancho de la Fuente. Lessons include walking, trotting and maybe cantering if the rider feels that he or she is ready. Mountain and beach hacks are also available but they contain more intense riding so novice and less experienced riders should consider lessons in the sand based menage. All horse riding hacks are accompanied by at least 2 lead riders that are trained in the case of an emergency. Lead reign lessons and mini hacks are available for children, these would last between 15 minutes and 1/2 an hour.

The most popular hack is the mountain hack which lasts between 1 ? 2 hours. For most of the way it is walking and trotting and can involve some cantering and the horses can become excited. The leaders take you up and round the beautiful Murcian mountains which provide some breathtaking views and scenery and brings you back to the yard. This can be achieved entirely off road and away from traffic and cars.

The second type of hack is the beach hack which lasts between 3 ? 4 hours. This hack is not for the novice horse rider. Like the mountain hack most of the way it is walking and trotting until you reach the beach when you gallop up and down the sand 4 or 5 times. It is an amazing feeling and the horses love to swim in the sea at the end. 3 leaders go on this hack, as generally more people go on the hack. Most of the beach hacks is off road but some of it is on road as you leave and arrive back at the horse riding stables. All of the horses are completely road safe.

The beach hack is very popular and the beautiful Andalucian horses will carry you through some beautiful areas of of the beaten track, through the Calblanque National Park, through to wide and expansive beach areas which allow you to enjoy a gallop along the beach.

The best way to book hacks and horse riding lessons is to go to the yard and have a chat with the owner about what is a good time for you and she would organise everything else. The group size on each hack and lesson would depend on the demand for each hack but usually there are between 4 and 8 people on a hack, and in a lesson there are usually between 2 and 4 people or you can of course arrange private individual horse riding lessons.