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Get Your Dancing Shoes On One Of the Best Things to Do in La Manga

In most of Spain, the nightlife starts late and finishes up in the wee early hours of the morning. The region of La Manga is no exception to the rule! One of the more popular ways to while away the warm evenings in La Manga is to get out your dancing shoes, gather up a group of your closest friends and head out under the stars for drinks, dining and dancing. When you're under the stars in La Manga, you can dance by the reflection of the two seas that flank La Manga. Visitors to the area can choose every kind of bar or restaurant when looking for something to do in La Manga.

During the warm summer months, people from the surrounding areas flock to La Manga just to experience the hopping night life the area has to offer. Both the young and the not-so-young will find something to do in La Manga once the sun goes down. Although the younger crowds usually head toward Cabo de Palos, where the sunset turns a dozy fishing village into a bustling array of nightspots, La Manga itself sees its own share of visitors.

Everyone loves El Zoco Alcazaba, where there is never a shortage of things to do. A popular stop in La Manga, El Zoco features a satisfying selection of shops, bars and restaurants. In the early morning hours things really get going, and every bar pumps out a different kind of music for every taste! If you have nowhere in particular to be the next day, you'll never be at a loss of things to do in La Manga.

In the Plaza Bohemia, also known as the heart of La Manga, theres a unique option for something to do the hippy market. Every night during the summer season, in the pubs and bars surrounding the Plaza, the young people strut their best dance moves.

Foreign influence abounds in places like Puerto Bello, Plaza Cavanna, Garlerias El Flamenco and Castilo de Mar. These places offer a selection of imported beers designed to appeal to foreign visitors and those who want a taste of something a little out of the ordinary. Visitors can also enjoy darts and pool.

If you are in search of something to do in La Manga that is a little less lively, check out La Manga Club. The Hotel Hyatt has a year-round casino offering all of the typical games, including blackjack, baccarat and slot machines.

La Manga is also home to three open-air cinemas that offer selections from a variety of programs every night. People of all ages grab a snack and a plastic chair and find a good vantage point for each night's entertainment. Note that most of the time these films are in Spanish, which may preclude the average tourist from truly understanding them, but its worth checking out for the experience of it if nothing else.

La Manga really does have something for everyone to do. The cocktail bars and live music are great for the adults, while the outdoor cinemas and great dining experiences can be family-friendly affairs. And dont forget if its dancing you want, tell your hotel to cancel your wake-up call. Youll be out late.